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Bungee Jumping




2 Weeks

Start Date

July 16, 2023

About the Camp or Clinic

As the fearless adventurers prepared for their bungee jumping expedition, their hearts pounded with a mix of excitement and sheer terror. Strapped tightly to the bungee cords, they looked like a flock of nervous penguins preparing to take the plunge. The instructor, with a mischievous grin, shouted, "Three... two... one... bungee!" Like a pack of startled cats, they leaped into the air, their screams reverberating through the canyon. For a brief moment, it felt as if time had stopped, their faces frozen in a comical mix of exhilaration and "What have we gotten ourselves into?!" And just as gravity kicked in, their expressions turned from terror to pure joy, as they bounced up and down like human yo-yos. It was a bungee adventure that would forever be etched in their memories and the reason they'd never look at a penguin in quite the same way again.


All Skills Camp - Focusing on a bunch of things that will be described here at a later time.

Skill Level







Th and F

4-4:42 pm

East Valley High School


Change of underwear

Your Instructor

Sally Chang

Our crazy jump instructor was a whirlwind of energy and laughter. With an infectious enthusiasm, they turned what could have been a nerve-wracking experience into a wild adventure. From their zany dance moves to their outrageous jokes, they kept us entertained and distracted from the height. With them, every jump became a hilarious and unforgettable moment. They truly embodied the spirit of living life to the fullest, reminding us that sometimes the craziest moments are the ones we cherish the most.

Sally Chang
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