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Introduction to Volleyball

Girls Playing Volleyball
Volleyball Net

If you're a family that's new to club volleyball, you may have questions about which program would be the ideal fit for your daughter. To help you understand the options, let's explore a general outline of a volleyball player's journey throughout their career. It's important to note that individuals discover the sport at different ages and possess varying levels of skill, making each person's path truly unique. The following example represents a common trajectory followed by many players.

Volleyball Progression


Skills Training

New or experienced players can benefit from training programs that help them develop foundational volleyball skills such as passing, defense, hitting, setting, and serving.


School Team

School indoor volleyball typically runs during the fall and overlaps with club team tryouts in July (high school) and October (middle school). For those who don't play for their school team, Team Yakima now offers a fall local team option starting in mid-August. 


Beach Volleyball

Sand volleyball serves as an excellent complement to indoor training. Although Team Yakima currently does not provide beach volleyball options, we strongly encourage your athlete to seize any opportunity to play on the sand.


Club Volleyball

Once players have gained some court experience, it's natural for them to be drawn towards a team setting. Depending on their skill level and commitment, there are various team options to consider.


Suplemental Training

For your athlete to excel on the volleyball court, strength and conditioning are crucial. We provide volleyball-specific workouts that can be done individually or with a trainer, ensuring well-rounded development.


College Placement

Playing club volleyball prepares athletes for college placement, and Team Yakima assists in identifying, communicating, and committing to a college program that aligns with their academic and athletic aspirations.

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