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Elite Travel Teams

Elite teams provide top-level training and competition for athletes aspiring to play collegiate volleyball. Led by experienced coaches, these teams often have a paid assistant coach for additional support. With 8 to 10 practices per month, elite teams offer a rigorous training schedule to maximize development. 

2022-2023 Elite Teams

Team Fees

Team Yakima is committed to delivering a great all around club volleyball experience, where your athlete is setup to thrive. We have built out our fee structure in a manner that enables a great experience while being equitable for everyone.

Additional details on fees and methods of payment will be provided at the first team meeting.

The club will host one club fundraiser each year. We also provide companies and individuals to sponsor or donate to the club, with a portion of proceeds going to the named athlete. Lastly, all teams are allowed to fundraise within their teams.

Learn about need-based scholarships.

Club Association

Every player is required to pay Club Association Dues (annually) in the amount of $350, which are due once teams are formed.


Monthly Fees

Each gold player will pay monthly coaching fees of $225 ($165 for U10 & U11 Gold), which are due on the 1st of each month.



Uniform costs are $250 per year, which includes short and long sleeve jerseys, 2 shorts, a hoodie, tights, and 2 t-shirts.



Players will cover the tournament registration fees and coach travel costs (hotel, transportation, etc.), which will be invoiced monthly.

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