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Scholarship Application

Athlete Information
Parent or Guardian Information
Additional Parent or Guardian Information
Additional Information
Has anyone in your family played or coached for Team Yakima?
Do you have additional athlete(s) participating with Team Yakima?
Are you able to pay $350 for Club Dues and $250 for uniforms?
Will the athlete have transportation to/from practices & tournaments?

Thanks for applying. We'll be in contact soon.

At Team Yakima Volleyball Club, we believe that talent should never be limited by financial barriers. Through the kind and generous donations from our supporters, we have been able to create a unique opportunity for young athletes in our community. We are proud to offer scholarships to a limited number of athletes, making club volleyball accessible to those who may not have the financial means to participate. At Team Yakima, we understand the importance of inclusion, and we are committed to ensuring that no athlete is left behind due to financial constraints. Rest assured, all scholarship applications are kept confidential and meticulously reviewed by our dedicated board of directors, who are committed to upholding our mission of providing equitable access to the world of volleyball.

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