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Team Yakima Volleyball

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Team Yakima presents Drop-in Youth Outdoor Volleyball

Note:  We will cancel play for days of excessive rain.

Monday & Wednesday nights 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, beginning May 13,  for male & female players ages 10 - 18 at Chesterly Park in Yakima.  This is for all youth in the Yakima Valley -- you are not required to be a member of Team Yakima.

You may join our drop-in program on your first night of play.   You must bring a printed copy from WebPoint of your USAV membership.  If you do not bring proof of USAV regular or summer membership, you will not be able to participate.  You cannot register on site for a USAV membership.

To expedite your onsite check-in, please fill out and bring the following form with your $10.

Current USAV members need only to bring $10 to preregistration or your first night of play. 

Previous and new members need to register for a $15 summer membership, and bring $10 to preregistration or your first night of play.  

Links for WebPoint USAV registration are below.



Team Yakima Volleyball, Central Washington's Premier Junior Volleyball Program.   

Promoting volleyball for 38 years, since 1977.  


















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