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 2017 Northwest Junior Jamboree

General Tournament Information

2017 Jamboree Round 1 Pools

March 11th and 12th, 2017 

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1. Tournament Headquarters: East Valley High School – Tournament Director, Steve Vogt, (425) 399-0555 

2. Overview: There are 118 teams on 32 different courts in multiple venues divided as follows: 

U18: 16 Teams (One group) 

U16: 33 Teams 

U14: 42 Teams 

U12: 17 Teams (One group) 

3. Gyms: All gyms will open at 7:00 AM for 8:00 AM matches. Consult your individual age group schedules for format. 

4. General Format: All teams will play in two rounds of pool play (the second round will play three matches on Saturday afternoon). Pools with 3 teams will still play 2 out 3 sets, and then will move to cross-over style matches to finish their pool play. On Sunday, teams will finish second pools and then move into Sunday playoff brackets. All Sunday bracket championship matches should finish before 6:00 PM. Details regarding specific formats are separate for each age group and will be found updated online at, along with the Jamboree guide. 

5.  Food, Drink and Pets:  Please use WATER ONLY in the gyms as we have a great relationship with the school districts that allow us to use their facilities and we must play by their gym rules. Stress to your team and parents that espresso-type beverages, all food coolers and team food are to remain outside the gyms or in an approved safety area. No hot food cooking devices are allowed within the school buildings. Pets are NOT allowed on school property. You may lose team points for these infractions.  Each coach is requested to review appropriate conduct and behavior with their team and parents/boosters.  Individual Gym Rules will be enforced by the Day Official and Site Manager.  Note:  Many schools have video cameras that will record our events.  They will review it on Monday and fine us for any infractions which we will direct to the club involved.


Teams may be penalized 15 points for EACH violation of tournament rules. If penalized, it will be assessed at the start of their next scheduled set. Any person associated with a club or team can be held responsible for a violation. Penalties will be assessed by the appropriate Day Official and are not protestable.

6.  General Playing Rules: The goal of our Jamboree format is to give each team even competition and playing opportunities, not just to crown the best team as champion. All teams will play both days and all teams will be seeded into playoff brackets.  There will be multiple playoff levels in all age divisions. For those from outside of our region, our region allows any team libero to serve in one position.

7.  Scoring/Match Times: All pool matches will consist of best two of three sets (25-25-15) – unless otherwise stated. In the situation of a late three-team pool, teams will be guaranteed three sets to 25. For specified three-team pools, all teams will finish pool play with a crossover match to maximize play. Crossover matches will not count toward pool finishes. All Sunday final bracket matches will be two-of-three sets (25-25-15), win by two. Matches will start early if all three teams are ready. There is a limit on pre-match warm ups (see next section). Coaches and referees for the next match are asked to please start the next warmup period immediately

8.  Warmup Procedures:  The court warm up for the first match your team will play for each day is five minutes.  Serving must be within your five minutes.  Match referees please consult with the coach of your warm up team and inform them when they are in the final minute of their warm-up.  After a team’s first match of the day warm ups are to be shortened to three minutes in length.  There is NO shared hitting on a court.  If you are ahead of schedule, the officiating team may permit a few minutes of ball handling on court.  If for any reason the next official does not immediately perform a coin toss, the next two teams should proceed to warmup with the higher seed taking the court first.

9.  Forfeits and Tie-breaking Procedures:  REMEMBER: YOUR TEAM MAY PLAY EARLIER THAN INDICATED ON THE SCHEDULE.  Please watch the match ahead of you and be ready to warm up as soon as that match ends.

Forfeit time:  If a team does not show on time, a forfeit procedure ensures play will continue in a timely manner.  The first forfeit game will be 15 minutes following the conclusion of the previous match.  The forfeit time for the second game will follow 10 minutes later (consult the Day Official). 

 Substitution rules:  L-plus 12.  Meaning, the libero is permitted per current USAV rules, plus 12 team substitutions with no limit on individual player entries within the 12 substitution limit.

Protests:  Any formal protest is to be settled on the spot at the time it occurs and before play continues, per USAV rules.  All R1 judgment calls are not valid for protest.  Any protest will be settled ASAP by the playing site Day Official in charge, plus two other officials or coaches who are not involved in the dispute, to be selected by the Day Official.

Seeding and tie-breaking procedures:  Per the current USA Evergreen Region rules, all ties (or to set Sunday brackets) will be settled using the playing record results and tie-breaking system below.  There will be no tie-breaking matches played in any age division.  Crossover matches do not factor into a team’s pool finish.

Tie Breaking Criteria:  Ties for final pool results will be settled by the Day Official by comparison of each teams playing record using the following criteria:

1.  Match record.
2.  Two way tie - results of head-to-head match.
3.  Three way tie - compare the following in this order:   (Page 211 of 2015 USA Rule Book)

A.  Set win/loss ratio: Total sets played: wins divided by losses (total played).

B.  Points won ratio: Total points scored divided by total points allowed (total played).

C.  Coin toss.

Seeding into your next pool and/or to the playoff brackets is based on how you place in your pool compared against other teams with similar records. The schedules contain all Seeding Keys to get you from the pool you just finished to your next playing site (pool) and playing/officiating responsibility. When required to rank similar placed teams from different pools we will use the method above with only the current pools information. The Day Referee can help you if you have questions.

10.  Officiating: Each assigned team provides an R1, R2, Scorekeeper, Assistant Scorekeeper (visual/flip chart), Libero tracker, and two Lines people. The R1 can ONLY be a regional qualified adult.  Players cannot referee as R1 even though they may be better than their coach or referee adult. Except in the U18 division during pool play only and provided a coach is the R2. Pool referee assignments are indicated on the playing schedules.  Assignments should be on the same court that you’ve just played, so it should be easy to start the next match on time. Officiating takes priority over team meetings and other activities you might prefer right after a match. Call for the coin toss immediately so pool play stays on time and begin the next match ASAP.  Teams will have assigned officiating assignments during playoffs, including the finals. In general, losing teams will referee the next match on the same court. 

11. Game Balls: Playing teams are responsible for all game balls, so coaches please agree early on a match ball or pool ball.  We will NOT be providing an official game volleyball for each court during the Northwest Junior Jamboree. Lost team balls should be reported to your site manager. If found we will try and return them to you. 

12. Sites: The tournament, schools and Team Yakima are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

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